About The Modsquito

I am Chris "The Modsquito", and have been into making things with my hands since I was a young boy. From legs and K'Nex to small wooden Matchbox car garages made from scraps in Grandpa's workshop, nothing is more satisfying than making something yourself.

Since 2010 I have been woodworking in various capacities and workshop locations. Primarily focused on hand tool woodworking I aim to keep old tools, techniques, and ways of working relevant to me in a modern world of fast paced production.

Whether designing to a specific set of requirements, or just to satisfy my own design ideas, I enjoy designing and creating one of a kind pieces for around the house. One of my main areas of enjoyment is in creating custom wooden computer cases, of varying shapes and sizes.

I have had my computer case work featured on several online communities, blogs, and magazine sites.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my little slice of the internet, and I hope you enjoy.

The Modsquito

Chris Albee - Woodworking and Custom Computer Cases